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YMCA: Helping hands for healthier communities

NEW BRITAIN - While the Village People’s popular tune ignites dancing, the acronym “YMCA” represents much more than just a song.

The organization more closely symbolizes a lighthouse at the center of our community, a welcoming beacon for everyone. The Y is made up of people of all ages and from every walk of life, working side by side to strengthen communities.

The YMCA is a collaboration of volunteers and neighbors, working towards a greater purpose. CEO John Benigni calls it “a place where families spend quality time together and build relationships that deepen our sense of belonging.”

A nonprofit entity whose success came about by benevolence and neighborhood hardship makes its goal to be socially responsible in a meaningful way. This is why Benigni is so hopeful that the Y’s preschool and daycare programs, Camp Thundermoon, and an October fundraiser will continue to inspire its mission.


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