New Britain – Berlin YMCA

My Y Story by Kristen Martin

My kids do the before and after school care program, summer camp and the vacation fun day program. They love the Y. They are always asking when the next no school day is and we have been counting down to camp.  The staff is awesome and Stephanie is great. It has been a wonderful experience.

My sons love to swim and play sports at the School Vacation Fun Day program. At summer camp they are happy to do anything with water and they love it when the ice cream truck comes.

My son Eric needs constant activity. He was so worn out when he came home from camp he wanted to go to bed. I knew he was having a fun active day. Registration is easy and the transition from school to camp went very smoothly. I know there are other options out there but there is no other option for our family besides  the Y.

I adore Stephanie. She is awesome. She is so passionate about the programs and her staff. Everything runs very smoothly. I know she works a lot and I know that to make things look smoothly on the outside it takes a lot of work and attention. I can tell that she truly cares.

I always recommend Y programs. Every staff person is so friendly and the kids have no complaints. They love it so much. It creates a lot of peace of mind for parents. I know they are safe, they are having a good time and they are in good care.

My Y Story by Diana Torres

My daughter started at the New Britain YMCA Little Scholars program when she was four months old and I had to return to work.

I heard about the program from my sister who used to take her kids there and referred me to the program.

I love it there! It feels like family. They treat my daughter like family and go above and beyond for her needs from Allyson (the director ) to all of my daughter’s teachers.

It is the little things that I love.  If she is not there they call and check in. They send me photos of her day, and information about her feedings, diaper changes, and activities through the tadpole app. They are really good at documenting  everything so I know exactly how my daughter is doing. Right now they are trying all different foods with her so  I can see what she likes.

I would definitely recommend this program hands down. They are amazing! 

My Y Story
Sam Sowik

Little Scholars has been a wonderful program for my son Noah and is a great program for a working parent. I work full time at the hospital.

What I love about this program is the different learning strategies, the variety of people he meets and the food program. I know he is being well taken care of while I work. Each teacher my son has had isn’t just his teacher, they love him.

They have taken great care of him. He hasn’t gotten sick all through Covid and everything.
The Y has kept him safe. 

This is a great place for your child to transition before he goes to school. I would recommend this program.

My Y Story 
Abdirasheed Ismail

I have been a member of the New Britain YMCA since I was  sixteen years old. I enjoy playing basketball, working out with weights and swimming. My friends and I have played in the basketball leagues since we were in high school. My whole family comes to the Y including my parents, brothers and sisters. 

The most important thing I take away from my Y experience is the staff who help you thrive, succeed and become better people. The staff here is phenomenal. They are so welcoming and make you feel comfortable here. 

Curtis and Marci are great mentors and give helpful advice. I look forward to coming here and seeing them, talking with Mark and everyone here at the Y. 

I have seen the Y staff show youth a positive environment and better path for life. It really made a difference in how the lives of those individuals turned out. 

There are many places I could go to workout but I choose the New Britain YMCA. I look forward to coming here. I enjoy seeing  friends and neighbors, and catching up with people I went to school with. The Y feels like a home away from home, it’s a community. I feel like a new man after I get my hour workout in and always leave feeling better.

Everyone should come and experience the Y. 

My Y Story 
Rahkeema Feggins

My Y story began two years ago when I moved to Connecticut. I was looking for a summer camp for my sons that had good programs for the children, was close by and worked with the hours that I needed.

My kids love it there. I am happy they are having fun and it's wonderful that they get to be outdoors doing things. They love the staff and have their favorite counselors. My sons enjoy playing foursquare and water games.

Camp Thundermoon is amazing. I would recommend it. Stephanie Fusco (the Camp Thundermoon Director) has been a huge help and I send my thanks to her. The Y staff take you in and help you out. I am a single mom and work long hours and she has made things easier for me.

The communication with parents is excellent. The  Y staff make sure the kids are safe and everyone is participating.

My sons are going again this summer. I give Camp Thundermoon a ten out of  ten.


My Y Story 
Kristine Hoffman

I have been a member of the New Britain YMCA for over 17 years. I swim and use the fitness machines.

What I like about the New Britain YMCA is it feels like a family and has a strong community feeling. The staff  are great and are very welcoming. The members appreciate it and reflect it back. This is the most welcoming Y and is easy to navigate.

Ashley Jordan, the Aquatics Director, is absolutely wonderful. Ashley has made the pool area a better place from day one when she began as a lifeguard. She has done a wonderful job bringing her staff up to her level of excellence. 

My Y Story 
Dave Anderson

The Y has always been a part of my life. When I was growing up I was one of those kids literally and figuratively that spent more time at the Y than I did at my own house. I would come home from school and head to the Y every day. My dad was the Physical Director of a Y in Massachusetts. My family moved here in 1970 and my dad became the Physical Director of the New Britain YMCA.


My very first job at the New Britain YMCA was working the cage at the bottom of the stairs where members had to show their card and get buzzed in. We sold shirts, racquetballs etc. I became a lifeguard and then a camp counselor. My wife was also a camp counselor at Holiday Ridge. That’s where we met and we’ve been married for 42 years. I also played in basketball leagues and was trained as a basketball official here at the New Britain Y and I officiated for 34 years. I originally planned to work at the YMCA as my career after graduating from Springfield College but went into education instead and loved it.


My whole family has been involved with the Y. My wife worked for two YMCAs before going into business. My older brother was on the New Britain YMCA Board of Directors. There is a plaque in the fitness center dedicated to my dad and my brother. My other two brothers also worked at the Y as lifeguards and in other jobs and my sisters seemed to find a way to be involved as well.


When my dad passed away at a young age my mom ended up getting a job in the membership office at the New Britain YMCA and became the Membership Director. She was the most caring kind hearted person you would ever meet with a heart of gold and personified the Y staff person. Members would come into her office to say hello. People loved my mom and members still asked about her ten years after she left the Y.


I have been active my whole life and enjoy working out at the Y. Typically I try to exercise five days a week doing a variety of different workouts which include swimming, cardio, weights, and stretching.


There are several things that make the YMCA unique:


1. Values - What I like is the organization was built and founded on Christian values. When you come into the Y it's always been my impression that those Christian values are evident, because you find people that are loving, caring and compassionate and interested in you as a person. I think it's those Christian values that separate the Y from other workout facilities. I sound hokey but I do think there's a wholesomeness at the Y. There is a whole family connection that you find at Ys that you might not necessarily find at other places. So I think for me, what always separated the Y from other fitness facilities are seeing those core values in action.

2. The Y welcomes everybody - Another thing that makes the Y unique is the way in which they welcome all people including family members of any age. I find the vast majority of members to be friendly, helpful, and outgoing. People care about other people here.

3. The staff - Another thing that separates the Y from other places is the staff. They are outgoing, knowledgeable, and caring. It is great to hear the staff laughing or joking and enjoying their jobs. This helps set a positive and welcoming environment which definitely rubs off on members.

4. The Men’s Health Club - It is one of the nicer locker room facilities that I have ever seen anywhere. The membership is diverse and lends itself to great camaraderie and social engagement.

5. The Men’s Residence - Another great thing the Y does for the community is the Men’s Residence. Many of those men would have no other place to go. It is part of a holistic approach.

6. Child Care - What a fantastic program they have developed here.


The Y has really been a huge part of my life. When I travel I find the Y wherever I am.  Now I take my grandson to the Y near his house for swim lessons. The Y truly personifies the old adage of “spirit, mind and body.”