New HIIT class

Meet Denise & Jaydelise Yambo

Denise and Jaydelise are twin sisters, New Britain natives, and YMCA members. They have been active all their lives and played many school sports together including basketball, soccer and lacrosse. In college the sisters took their health and fitness to a whole new level with HIIT and weight lifting. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) involves bursts of high-intensity cardio and strength exercises interspersed with brief periods of recovery, and is a great way to get a big workout with multiple benefits in a small amount of time. (

Denise and Jaydelise love to use their energy to motivate and inspire people to move and build strong healthy bodies. They encourage others to push past their limits and live a healthier life. Join them at the New Britain YMCA on Mondays at 4:30 PM starting October 21st. This class is included with your New Britain full privilege membership. 

Come check out our HITT class where you can be invigorated and inspired to live a healthy and mobile lifestyle.

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